• The treatment was so relaxing I felt as if I had a mini vacation. I was amazed that after one session with her my headache went away!

    Lynda, painter

    Chronic Pain Functional Pain Headache and Migraine Testimonials

    Metabolic Pain

    I suffer from a metabolic-type pain that sometimes includes debilitating headaches that wake me up very early in the morning. I had previously tried acupuncture and massage which unfortunately did nothing to alleviate the pain so I decided to try a different approach. During the session with Delia I was impressed that she could sense …

  • In my experience Delia's work has proven incredibly effective and profound.

    Mary, Licensed Massage Therapist

    Body-Mind Testimonials


    I have referred several friends to Manual Therapy NYC. Delia is a highly skilled practitioner in a multitude of massage modalities and beyond. In my experience her work has proven incredibly effective and profound. Delia creates an environment that facilitates an almost immediate deep trust between clinician and recipient. During my second and third visits, …

  • For years and after surgeries, I had been relying on my chiropractor to adjust my back, but since Delia started working on me I have not had any back issues at all.

    Phillip, Management Consultant

    Back Pain Pre and Post Surgery Testimonials

    Abdominal Surgeries

    I was referred to Delia by the Physical Therapy group at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, where I was first introduced to visceral manipulation therapy after several abdominal surgeries. For years, I had been relying on my chiropractor to violently adjust my back when it went out (monthly visits), but since Delia started working on me, I have …

  • After only 3 sessions... I felt like there was space in my body and mind.

    Dawn, Writer and Editor

    Body-Mind Mourning and Break-Ups Testimonials

    Residual Effects of a Traumatic Heartbreak

    For the past few years I have been dealing with the residual effects of a traumatic heartbreak. After only 3 sessions, Delia’s gentle, non-invasive treatment helped me to release much of my anger, sadness, doubt, and resentment. I felt relieved, peaceful, both lighter and more grounded, like there was space in my body and mind.

  • ...I started to have breakthroughs in all areas of my life...

    Joshua Smith, Interior Designer

    Life Changes Mourning and Break-Ups Testimonials

    We Were Able to “Re-program” New Beliefs.

    My sessions with Delia have been a transformative experience and I was surprised by how quickly things started to shift for me.  I went to see her after experiencing the loss of a relationship as I was consumed with sadness and had lost my faith.  I quickly saw that it was much deeper than the …

  • After only two sessions with Delia, I experienced a drastic reduction of the pain caused by my ankylosing spondylitis.

    Deanna, Designer Manager

    Autoimmune Disease Back Pain Chronic Pain Pregnancy Testimonials

    Autoimmune Disease

    After only two sessions with Delia, I experienced a drastic reduction of the pain caused by my ankylosing spondylitis – an autoimmune disease. With Delia’s sessions and the appropriate diet I was pain free for weeks at a time. When I became pregnant seven months later, I was not sure what to expect. With my autoimmune condition, pregnancy can be very …

  • I have integrated some of this into my warm up before shows and I work with it during my rehearsal process as well. This is such a gift in my life.

    Rachel, actor

    Athletes, Dancers and Artists Body-Mind Life Changes Testimonials

    Emotions come up in my work. I’m an actor.

    So much of our work together and how it has helped my life lives in a space without language to define it. It took some time for me to be able to put it into words. I had pain and tightness in my neck and shoulder on the left side of my body. I had …

  • My recovery proceeded very well, and Delia's skilled support was a major factor.

    Adair, Academic

    Pre and Post Surgery Testimonials

    Surgery Recovery

    Delia was referred to me by a friend who knew that hip replacement surgery had been recommended for me 5 months earlier. I was considering alternatives until I was sure that the operation was right for me. Delia worked with me in the 7 months prior to the surgery as I prepared for it and …

  • I felt good after my first session. It had been so long since I'd seen any glint of my healthy self.

    Jessica, journalist and author

    Body-Mind Mourning and Break-Ups Testimonials

    Out of Depression

    I am skeptical of most things — and that includes healing through means I don’t fully understand. But I had gone through a terrible separation, was suffering from deep depression, and my body was failing me physically in ways that neither I, nor western doctors (and there were many), could explain nor treat. I went …

  • I began to calmly face those options I hadn't been willing to even start to think about; For a wonder, my gut feeling seemed to react to them, of all things!

    Gina, Law clerk

    Back Pain Body-Mind Chronic Pain Testimonials

    Scoliosis and Decision Making

    “Is it my scoliosis [severe congenital curvature of the spine] that impedes my ability to make decisions for physical reasons, or rather the other way round, my inner tensions and the fact that I’m steadily torn and insecure when it comes to choosing a career/life path that have a negative, psychosomatic impact on my backbone?” …