I have tried Long-Distance Healing with Delia twice in the past couple of months. Both times have been incredibly powerful and healing experiences. Each time, I developed my awareness of emotions impacting my body.

During the sessions, I felt extremely relaxed and connected to Delia, who guided me with undivided attention and exquisite care.

Once we – yes, it is a partnership between the client and Delia – landed in the area of my body that required healing and attention, I felt a very strong energetic connection to her. It really felt as if Delia had her hands on my body.

On both occasions, once the session was completed, I felt significant physical improvements and enhanced overall well-being paired with a newly acquired awareness of emotional sources impacting my physical issues.

I highly recommend LDH with Delia as a powerful alternative to an in-person session. I plan to continue to keep such a tool in my toolbox even once social distancing will no longer be required, especially for times when I am traveling and really need to resort to my Osteopath/Healer who is an ocean apart!