Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Manual Therapy.




What is the power of light touch?

The body has a fantastic defense mechanism. Any amount of pressure used against it is matched with an equal resistance. Instead of fighting with your body’s defenses, a Manual Therapy practitioner chooses a very light and specific pressure. Your body does not see it as an intrusion. Your therapist and your body have the chance to work together rather than against each other. Also, the light touch is very accurately targeted from an anatomical point of view. Sending precise information enables the body to deliver a precise response and achieve the release you need to be pain free. When you touch the screen of your phone, do you choose precision and accuracy or widely spread sheer force?


Why don’t you focus only where I feel the pain?

To sound smart and fancy, anatomists gave connective tissue different names according to its location/place in the body. The truth is that connective tissue is one giant and complex piece of tissue that travels throughout the body. Think about the scarf aunt Abigail knitted for you last winter. You can pull on one single tiny thread at one end of the scarf and see the effect at the other end. It’s the same with the connective tissue in your body.  If you follow the same sheet of fascia, you can travel from the tip of your toe to the back of your calf and leg to up your back and around the head to reach the eye brow. Did you know that the meninges which protect your central nervous system attach behind your eyes, at the top of your neck and in the sacrum, which is the big bone in your lower back? These examples illustrate how your head is so intimately connected to every other part of the body and, thus, why a headache can be variously caused by issues in the head, lower back or the leg. Read how connective tissue is a major player in you feeling pain in the section:  How does my body gets tight?


How many sessions will I need?

Each experience is unique to the individual. However, you would not go to a physical therapist expecting years of pain to be fixed in one session, would you? It is the same with Manual Therapy.

One session will give you an idea of what Manual Therapy is about. A lot of clients feel changes after the first session. It may be a full resolution of symptoms or feeling more relaxed and grounded. Usually, three to five sessions will give you a tangible idea of what Manual Therapy can do for you.






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Benefits of

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Manual Therapy has proven effective in providing physical and emotional benefits as well as improving one’s performance.

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