• After only two sessions with Delia, I experienced a drastic reduction of the pain caused by my ankylosing spondylitis.

    Deanna, Designer Manager

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    Autoimmune Disease

    After only two sessions with Delia, I experienced a drastic reduction of the pain caused by my ankylosing spondylitis – an autoimmune disease. With Delia’s sessions and the appropriate diet I was pain free for weeks at a time. When I became pregnant seven months later, I was not sure what to expect. With my autoimmune condition, pregnancy can be very …

  • I only wish I was in New York for regular sessions with Delia for the rest of my pregnancy.

    Anja Mutic, Travel Writer

    Pregnancy Testimonials

    Soothing the Pregnancy

    I went to see Delia during my sixth month of pregnancy, after a long transatlantic flight. I wanted to alleviate some of the back issues I was dealing with and get my body back into order. Her gentle but deep manipulation of the sore points and her attention to my baby felt amazingly intuitive and …