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Build bridges, not walls.

Respect existence or expect resistance.


Polarity and tension are at the core of human experience. They might even be the very reason we incarnate: to move through duality and achieve a wiser perspective. While we are on this path, discord is stressful. It creeps in, invades our mind and eventually colonizes our bodies with pain and illnesses. Manual Therapy has the power to hold the space for us to become aware, shift our approach and transform challenges in the conquest of new territories vast enough for us to live together in peace.


Healing the bodies: from tension to flow.


Polarity erupts in all dimensions and the same patterns can be seen time and time again. From macrocosm to microcosm, we know about the antagonism between human activity and the needs of our planet but don’t always make the necessary changes. In the political realm, we have been through months of debate. Far from finding a sufficient release through the presidential election, the tensions built in our society now find an outlet with confrontations, violent incidents and marches.

Families have been torn apart. How can our own same blood hold so different fears and ideas? In the private sphere of the family, an eternally beautiful and intricate space where disagreements and traumas lie dormant, a spark is all that is needed to reignite old fires.

We are aware of the multiplicity of our emotions with regard to this situation. On more personal subjects like self-image, love life or family life, emotions toward a single person even seem to multiply. This personal ambivalence reminds us that accepting only very few people in our intimate circle, be it only ourself, does not make this domain much easier to navigate.

At times we are tempted to control, until we finally accept that we can’t control the outside world. Others have their opinions and behaviors and we can’t change them. Inside, our emotions do not simply disappear even when we go through great lengths to manage or repress them. They are here and they will stay. Control might not be the way.


Be the change you want to see in the world.



When disagreements build to a climax, our bodies – the social and physical body – hold tensions until they are no longer manageable. Our bodies hurt then break out in demonstration with different levels of violence — terrorist attacks, racial crime, multimedia frenzy, marches or physical pain. But how can we find a way to live together in peace?

I observe this unrest in the bodies of my patients. It shows up as pain in the neck or shoulder or back. The respiratory diaphragm tightens up to allow us to not be aware of the confusion and continue to function above the drama. The tension morphs into digestive problems, a knot in the stomach, a bitter taste in the mouth or a liver and gallbladder heaviness. The stomach is an organ ruled by our social life and easily suffers from discord. The liver and gallbladder are susceptible to emotions such as anger, frustration and resentment. These symptoms are the messengers of a deeper disarray. It’s time for healing.

The time may have come when we recognize that living together in peace will necessarily take the path of acceptance. Accepting to let go of expectations and the judgment they carry. Accepting is not agreeing. We can choose to accept an outcome we do not agree with not as a final destination, but as a step on which we will continue to build.

Accepting is not agreeing. Certain acts and ideas are simply poisonous. After the initial hurt and grieving, accepting means acknowledging, stopping to brace oneself against the pain and ending the fight against the perceived perpetrator. This perpetrator is another fellow human being with his own story, viewpoint, fears and hopes. Understanding the logic of another and the dynamic of the situation opens the door in us to a possible shift. This little shift is all that is needed, really, from the righteousness of an inflexible position to the recognition of a presence valid in its own right. The acceptance of alterity, otherness, is the first step to experience that dialogue is possible, that there is enough space, resources and equal rights for all of us .

As we remember that the other – or the stranger in me – is a fellow human being, the remedy is compassion for the human experience: theirs and ours. This journey is a work in progress. Compassion embraces and supports and is fertile of new possibilities. Compassion has the power to heal all wounds.


From fighting against to accepting our differences.

A different way to relate to our fellow human beings.


Sometimes the shift towards healing and peace seems inaccessible. The physical and emotional bodies appear petrified in time and pain. On the treatment table, Visceral Manipulation helps you create the necessary space in your bodies to listen to the messenger and connect with the root of the pain. Grounded in your body, in matter – or should I say, in mother – hosted by the matter/mother in you, there lies the assurance of the constant support for which your being was longing. The time and space for acceptance, for the shift and transformation necessary for you to be held and whole, appears. This healing done at a personal level allows you to embody your personal truth again.


As a manual therapist, I have witnessed the body release tensions and stories of conflict within oneself, families or larger circles emerge. Somato Emotional Release hands you the keys to decode the messages, the symptoms. The internal turmoil and the physical pain dissolve. Craniosacral Therapy allows you to anchor this new balance deeply. Leading by example, we inspire others to strive for the same healing and respect for themselves. Bodies within bodies, the rippling effect of concentric spheres expanding, the healing of other bodies begins. When we heal ourself, we heal our family and our society.


Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love.




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