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Water: the Sacred Substance.

We see water as plain and common. We take it for granted and do not consider it meaningful enough to feature in celebrating our big occasions, yet water is an absolutely unique and essential substance. Its the most powerful solvent on earth and contains countless information necessary to life. Water is a powerful ally to your health. Understanding your interaction with her is as crucial to your good health as your food, the quality of your sleep or stress level. CranioSacral Therapy listens to the water inside you to facilitate the uninterrupted flow you need to go about your daily activities, to be free to expand and realize the larger part of yourself.


We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.

Jacques  Yves  Cousteau


The Secrets of Water.

Water defies every common physical law. Water is the only substance that can exist in three states: liquid, solid and gaseous. Among all liquids, its the only one that expands when it freezes. Because of this, ice blocks can float on top and create a protective cap that preserves life underneath.

In defiance of the law of gravity, water is able to rise up through your veins. In fact, water is capable of creating enormous pressure in a confined space. In a seed, it reaches 400 atmospheres of pressure at the moment of germination. Thats how a plant shoot can break through asphalt.

The thermal conductivity of water prevents local temperature fluctuations and helps your body to control its temperature. Water even participates in the structure of proteins and DNA. It is a key factor in our biology and if even one single property of water was missing, life itself would not exist on Earth.


How inappropriate to call this planet Earth

when it is clearly Ocean. 

Arthur C. Clarke


More Fun Facts About Water.

We all know the chemical composition of the water molecule: H20. However, research around the world has now shown that even more important than the composition of a water molecule is its structure, i.e., how it organizes itself and joins other water molecules to create clusters. These clusters work as memory cells of sorts. Water remembers everything it has been in contact with, and even anything she has not been directly in contact with but that occurred in her surroundings. Capable of recording and storing information, water might well be the most advanced “computer” known to humans.

By now a wide range of outside influences have been tested on water: magnetic fields, electrical fields, countless objects, human presence and emotions.

In studies conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, water samples were exposed to emotions or music then frozen and photographed. Regardless of your personal artistic tastes, have a look at these samples while keeping in mind that nature always strives for geometry. Some samples have reached harmony and balance while others have become chaotic.


water crystal thank you

  • Water Crystal After “Thank You”


water crystal you make me sick

  • Water Crystal  After “You Make Me Sick. I Will Kill You.”


water crystal exposed mobile-phone

  • Water Crystal Exposed To Mobile Phone


water crystal microwave oven

  • Water Crystal Exposed To Microwave Oven


Water is at the origin of all life. Everything starts with water. The first living organisms developed in water. Only much later did life wander outside of it. Every single seed and every embryo begins its life in water or amniotic fluid.

Pushing the boundaries a little further, researchers have created structured water, i.e., water exposed to a specific influence to achieve a particular structure for the clusters of water molecules. By only changing the structure of the water, which is still just H20, researchers have been able to change the life born in this water. Vegetables grown with structured water ripen faster. Micro-elements and proteins available in them are increased several fold. Fish born in structured water exhibit a different role and behavior than their predecessors.

Water contains the information which allows life to be created and developed. When water is changed, the life born in it changes.


A drop of water, if it could write out its own history,

would explain the universe to us.

Lucy Larcom


How Does this Matter to Me?

The human body is a little like an extra fancy water bag. Depending on your age, your body is composed of 70% to 90% of water. If you know that water remembers everything it has been in contact with and when you realize that water is key for the quality of life, dont you begin to wonder about the water that is inside you? About the quality of the water you drink?


How Do I Take Care of the Water in My Body?

How much water should I drink?

Your water intake will vary according to your weight and your activity: an athlete needs more water than a sedentary person. A reasonable average is about two liters a day:  8 x 8 ounces glass of water.

To function properly, clean your blood and eliminate toxins, your kidneys need pure water. Your daily eight glasses should be clear, clean water and not include other beverages like tea, coffee or juices. Drink your water in regular and small increments to avoid abrupt shifts in the electrolyte balance of your body.

Where was the water before entering your body? This one can be daunting if you live in a big city. How can you control the quality of the water you drink? Before you choose to spend thousands of dollars on bottled water, remember that water held in plastic bottles is most likely contaminated by the plastic that has held it. Contamination includes BPA or any other replacement used nowadays that are unfortunately just as detrimental for the health. Water filter is usually a healthier, safer and cheaper option in the long term.


Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.

Slovakian Proverb


Water is sensitive to emotions. Drink and eat in an environment that is as peaceful as possible. Sending positive emotions to your meal and water will improve the quality of your food. In fact, many traditional religions recommend blessing the food before ingesting it.

Your inner dialog matters to the water inside your body. Choose carefully the words and the intention that inhabit your inner sanctuary. If you have read my blog you already know that your inner dialog has a strong impact on your biology and your health.

Your Thoughts Matter To Your Body


Enjoy your Power.

Professor Konstantin Korotkov reports that human emotions have the strongest influence on water. Not surprisingly, a kind and supportive inner dialog is good for your body and the water in it. Love increases the energy level and stabilizes water while angry and fearful emotions reduce the energy level and make radical changes in the water.

The most powerful combination of emotions to cleanse water has been found by Dr. Masaru Emoto to be a time tested formula: Love and gratitude.


water crystal love appreciation

Water Crystal after “Love and Appreciation”


Did you just go through a bout of self doubt and deprecation? Its ok. Recognize it, let it go and change your tune. These past entries of my blog will lead you to a softer and healthier inner dialog.

Love yourself

An attitude of gratitude


As it takes an impression of everything and everybody it has ever encountered, water connects all living systems together. Each one of us is a link in this chain. Each one of us is also the source. Each action, word, thought and emotion feeds our common environment. From living creatures to the last single stones, the atmosphere and its capricious climate change to Mother Earth, we all participate. What do you choose to offer to yourself and to the field?


2500 years ago, Lao Tzu, the Chinese philosopher wrote on water:

Nothing in the world is more yielding and softer than water.

Yet it wears down the hard and the strong.

And none can overcome it though anyone can conquer it.

That which is yielding conquers the strong and the soft overcomes that which is hard.

Everyone knows this but no one dares to live by it.

Will you dare to live by this natural and time tested wisdom?


Just as ice floats on liquid water and preserves life underneath, the bones of your skull and vertebrae create a safe casing for your CranioSacral system. Through the bones, a CranioSacral therapist tunes into your inner water: the cerebrospinal fluid which bathes your central nervous system. Together, we support the body in the constant adjustments needed to create the optimum conditions for life, for your life to enfold with ease, grow in harmony and achieve its highest expression.



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