We are all connected: the Butterfly Effect, 7 Degrees of Separation, the economic or health situation of one country impacting the global village, internet, etc. We all get the hint… we are all connected and separation is an illusion. Have you ever thought about your friend just before receiving a call or a message from them? Have you ever thought about something randomly only to hear your partner starting to speak exactly on the same subject? As a parent, have you ever felt in your gut how your children are doing, even if they are not around?

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From quantum physics to spiritual traditions, we have learned over and over again that everything is energy. Despite this, many have chosen to continue to believe in the illusion of a solid reality and of clear separation (i.e., us versus them) out of habit because it is very convenient to continue living according to established beliefs. Nature, however, is far more creative and efficient than these limiting beliefs and has so many more surprises and discoveries in store for us.

Scientific studies have shown how the human brain is hardwired with mirror neurons to have the ability to witness someone else’s experience and feel the emotion, even though this is not our own personal experience. The ability to sense or share someone else’s situation is called empathy. This is not limited to fellow human beings as you might have experienced empathy watching a kitten video. Nor it is localized. Your friend may call you from the other end of the world, needing help. With empathy, you are able to listen, feel their pain, give the best pep talk ever and send your newly motivated friend off to new adventures.

Mirror neurons are only one of the many ways we connect with someone else. There are many more, including the energy field emitted by each and every one of us. Human beings are constantly emitting and transmitting vibrations, moving through a sea of information through which they communicate, just like radios.

During a Long-Distance Healing (LDH) session, you give Delia permission to connect with and assess your physical body, emotions and energy field. Delia uses her physical body and energy field like a radar tuned into you. The multidimensional exchange which takes place during the session guides you to engage many levels of your being. Present in the moment, judgment is suspended, opening the space to a clear internal awareness. Intellectual and emotional blocks are lifted. The cellular intelligence of your body is once more ignited for what your body is hardwired: self-healing.


  • Long-Distance Healing versus in-person session – which one to choose?

First and foremost, it’s a matter of personal preferences and circumstances:

– Obviously, with LDH, you save time and travel costs getting to the office. Some people have an easier time relaxing in the comfort and safety of their familiar environment. Furthermore, the possibility of relaxing right after the session instead of being exposed to the hustle and bustle of the city allows one to staidly maintain the parasympathetic state of the nervous system and more easily integrate the multiple benefits of the session. These are some of the reasons that, in some cases, LDH can be more powerful than in office session.

– Covid-19 and social distancing: Scientific studies point to the fact that most transmissions of the Covid-19 virus happen during sustained close proximity in confined spaces (over 15 minutes). Many of Delia’s clients have systemic challenges that constitute underlying conditions. It has already been observed that people suffering underlying conditions are particularly fragile in case of an encounter with Covid-19. In the current public health situation, LDH session is the safest way to receive support.

– Greater empowerment: Long-Distance Healing sessions, by essence, are more supportive of the paradigm shift of being an empowered actor of your healthcare. The constant communication between the conscious and the unconscious fosters confident strides of your inner communication and a unique level of personalization in your healing path. Read: What Can Long-Distance Healing Do For Me? 

– Conversely, some people have a more difficult time staying present and accessing their inner awareness at home, so an in-person session might be more supportive for them. In addition, some very deep seated scar tissues might require physical hands-on techniques, which are done during an in-person session only.


  • Is it better to see Delia at least once in person before a LDH Session?

Let’s use an analogy: You speak, understand and read English, therefore you are able to read any text written in English regardless of your prior knowledge of the author and their personality. Once a skill is mastered, it can be applied in almost any circumstance. Therefore, Delia, as a master listener, knows how to listen to people she has never met nor seen before just as easily as she can listen to people she has met in person.


  • Can Delia help everyone?

It depends as healing is the result of so many different factors, including:

Time efficiency: If you don’t experience changes after three to five sessions, it’s time to reassess the situation, change the methodology or discontinue.

Building your team: Delia might identify that another component is needed: potential nutritional changes, consultation with a MD, further tests or stronger emotional support. In these cases Delia will share options and invite you to bring another specialist on board your healing team.

Resistance: It does happen that part of the person is resisting change. Is there somehow an advantage to be ill or in pain? Is the symptom seen as a form of protection involving taking on less responsibilities or receiving more attention from the family, for instance? They are many other reasons for a person to choose to not heal.


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