Chronic Pain

  • The treatment was so relaxing I felt as if I had a mini vacation. I was amazed that after one session with her my headache went away!

    Lynda, painter

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    Metabolic Pain

    I suffer from a metabolic-type pain that sometimes includes debilitating headaches that wake me up very early in the morning. I had previously tried acupuncture and massage which unfortunately did nothing to alleviate the pain so I decided to try a different approach. During the session with Delia I was impressed that she could sense …

  • After only two sessions with Delia, I experienced a drastic reduction of the pain caused by my ankylosing spondylitis.

    Deanna, Designer Manager

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    Autoimmune Disease

    After only two sessions with Delia, I experienced a drastic reduction of the pain caused by my ankylosing spondylitis – an autoimmune disease. With Delia’s sessions and the appropriate diet I was pain free for weeks at a time. When I became pregnant seven months later, I was not sure what to expect. With my autoimmune condition, pregnancy can be very …

  • I began to calmly face those options I hadn't been willing to even start to think about; For a wonder, my gut feeling seemed to react to them, of all things!

    Gina, Law clerk

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    Scoliosis and Decision Making

    “Is it my scoliosis [severe congenital curvature of the spine] that impedes my ability to make decisions for physical reasons, or rather the other way round, my inner tensions and the fact that I’m steadily torn and insecure when it comes to choosing a career/life path that have a negative, psychosomatic impact on my backbone?” …

  • My first CranioSacral treatment was a revelation.

    Marley, Digital Publishing Executive

    Chronic Pain Headache and Migraine Testimonials


    I’m in my mid 30s and have suffered from migraine for over a decade. I prefer to avoid medication and regularly seek out body care such as massage and acupuncture. My first craniosacral treatment was a revelation: I felt that my body was learning from Delia how to heal itself rather than a quick fix …