“Is it my scoliosis [severe congenital curvature of the spine] that impedes my ability to make decisions for physical reasons, or rather the other way round, my inner tensions and the fact that I’m steadily torn and insecure when it comes to choosing a career/life path that have a negative, psychosomatic impact on my backbone?”

After asking this question at the beginning of my first out of three sessions this summer, Delia explained to me how, in my case, these two elements, my scoliosis and my weakness to make decisions, were interlinked.

Whilst I was wrapped in a state of total relaxation and physical and emotional well-being, Delia had “communicated” with my body during her gentle and warm manual treatment, so that at the end of the day I did not only feel as if my spine and my neck were stretched just like a giraffe’s -I am petite-, but also had an idea of where the difficulty to listen to my gut feeling proceeded from.

On the two-three days following the session, I felt how my body was literally processing the vibes set to work through the therapy, I craved for nothing but rest and quiet – absolutely no rush with anything. Little by little, I began to calmly face those options I hadn’t been willing to even start to think about. For a wonder, my gut feeling seemed to react to them, of all things!

I look back at the last few months. I was ready to drop for a new beginning in the City that not only never sleeps, but does have the power to give a new lease of life to those who strive for it. To tell you the truth, I was quite surprised about the grateful and happy smile on my face when I finally left NY, and about the absence of tears of regret and sadness I had expected.

I am now relocated in my European hometown far away from New York City, having taken an important step forward towards a professional career. A lot has been going on in terms of mood and attitude. I am at peace with the situation and determined to go ahead with the schedule as well as in any way possible.

I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to Delia for her crucial contribution to the progress of finding my balance in New York.