Your body is highly intelligent and self-balancing. However, the body can get stuck during this balancing process. Using a non-invasive touch, Delia enters into a dialog with your whole being. She understands the logic and the needs unfolding in your body, mind, spirit and in your personal journey. With light pressure and an array of powerful manual therapies, Delia provides the ideal environment for your body to heal.


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Happily ever before

We all have experienced the natural ability of the body to heal when we let a cut or a cold heal “by itself”, for instance. However, sometimes the body cannot fully heal. In such cases all the parts of this exquisite organism come together as one to choose the next best solution: compensation. Compensation is the strategy that your body resorts to in order to cope with a difficult situation. It can be as simple as putting more weight on your right foot when the left one is hurting or a very subtle shift that you don’t even notice. Your body compensates so you can continue your life without ever having to acknowledge how astonishing it all is. It all just happens naturally. Compensation, however, represents a burden on your body, which it gladly takes on as much as possible, for you to continue being you: active and creative, simply awesome!

The blueberry injury

Compensation happens from the moment you are born until the “blueberry injury”, when you bend over to pick a blueberry -or something else- and you can’t get straight up again. If you are lucky this is only a temporary back pain.

In more complex cases, you experience chronic pain or an illness. Your body got stuck during its natural rebalancing process. Sometimes the task is too large, the accumulation of small compensations has taken its toll and the ways of the past are no longer effective. Now it’s time to stop and offer yourself the profound care you deserve. Your body and your Inner Wisdom signal what is out of balance through physical and emotional symptoms. This is like an old-fashioned phone without an answering machine. The more you wait to pick up the call, the louder the ringing seems to become.

How Delia helps you

The body is a unit in which all parts are interdependent and their individual health reflects the state of every other part. The symptoms and your body form a design, a map, leading to the origin of your pain. Delia’s philosophy is to read and trust this map. With non-invasive touch, Delia enters into a dialog with your body. She understands the logic and the needs unfolding in your body, mind, spirit and in your personal path. In the most nurturing way, with light pressure and powerful manual therapies, Delia provides personalized information and efficient support for your body to do what it knows best: self-healing.

The body, the mirror of the mind

Delia also helps you to understand the symptoms and what might have led to your discomfort. Is there a specific position or activity that creates tension in your body? Do you hold an idea, a belief or an emotion that restricts your natural evolution? In this case, Somato Emotional Release, dialog and imagery are useful to develop your physical and emotional awareness, giving you the power to deeply change to a more comfortable, creative and productive version of yourself.



What Can Manual Therapy Do For Me?


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"The voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new horizons,
but in seeing with new eyes."  
Marcel Proust
"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible,
then they seem improbable, and then,
when we summon the will,
they soon become inevitable."
Christopher Reeve
"Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature
but only in contradiction to that which is known to us in nature."
St Augustine