Delia’s work is impeccable. I have done a lot of body-centered, internal self-work over the course of many years: my system is pretty sensitive, and I’m fairly fluid in navigating my inner terrain. So when I get to a place that feels like a slippery fish, and I can’t really stay present to my process, I know I’m on to something deep and will need some help “getting to it.” For that, Delia is a dream come true. She is a deep and accurate listener, she is patient, clear and kind and her voice is gentle yet firm — and so comforting to listen to. I feel like I can totally let go in her presence and let my body’s wisdom make itself known. Delia has a nuanced attention to the rhythm of a session. She knows when to leave a lot of spaciousness and silence and when to offer some words of encouragement or reassurance. When I leave a session with her, I feel as if I’ve been held with a refined tenderness, with strength and with a deep respect for my own body/mind’s power to heal. I highly recommend her work — especially if you are already an advanced practitioner of the healing arts. Her range will meet yours, which is a real gift.