I found Delia a year ago, initially to help my son. She investigated and treated, with Manual Therapy, a neck injury which turned out to have both physical and anxiety-based causes and effects. Soon after, my daughter and I both became clients.

I consider myself to be extremely open-minded and an advocate of natural forms of medicine and therapy. However, the concept of Long Distance Healing (LDH) was something that was certainly out of my confidence zone! In all honesty, I signed up because I have such admiration for Delia’s skills as a practitioner, but it was such a leap of faith on my part that I was prepared to try once and once only.
After having a session, I can say that it’s a truly extraordinary experience, and I laugh when I tell of it to some friends who look at me in disbelief. But during the session, I can feel quite clearly sensations and energy waves as Delia works on different parts of my body.

The initial feeling, once treatment starts, is like my body has taken on someone else’s pulse. It’s the same rate as a heartbeat, but more like rippling water. It’s calming. That goes on as Delia starts working in specific areas.

The main difference in undergoing Long-Distance Healing to in-person is that Delia is more challenging of you to tune into your body and give feedback sensations verbally. You are tasked to be able to report which parts feel especially relaxed and then to contrast that with areas that feel congested.
An example of this is from my first session when I asked for hormone balancing. Delia started by asking me to contrast my most relaxed part (at that time my right foot and calf) to my least comfortable area at that moment, which were my shoulders. A few moments later, Delia asked if another area was feeling uncomfortable – and just seconds before I had been wondering why my throat felt suddenly tight!

At the end Delia advised me she had been working on my Endocrine System, including my thyroid (throat) and pituitary gland (front of head).

My menstruation had been more on than off for four years, hence I asked for hormone balancing. Delia helped me see that I had got into a habit of suppressing my emotions to stay in control — deep-rooted ones that involved grief from four years ago and many circumstantial changes that I’d had to weather since. After my first LDH session, I had 25 days of no bleeding, which was such a relief to experience again.

On reflection, I feel that LDH is also letting me benefit from Delia’s energy skills as she spends more time helping you to learn to decode your own physiological response to your environmental factors, moods, habits and thoughts. Then she helps you find techniques to manage those factors and feelings that may be having a detrimental effect on your health. It’s a more holistic healing experience.