I have been seeing Delia for CranioSacral Therapy regularly in NY and recently received two sessions of Long Distance Healing with her. After being in lock down for such a long time and craving healing physical contact, one of the most powerful experiences for me was to sense her touch through a distance. My body immediately opened up to receive her skillful and deeply caring touch. I could feel where she was working on my body and follow the gentle unwinding of my tissues as she was holding space for me to be present with my inner process and felt-sense of my body. She invited me to share my sensations and, after some time, I was able to access some emotional parts of me that needed to be held and listened to. Delia held a safe space for me to open up and expand my awareness of my emotions, physical sensations and energy. After the session, I felt deeply restored and my heart was open and at ease. Some of the tensions in my body had shifted and helped me shift into a more spacious and relaxed relationship with my environment.