I am a dancer and movement teacher. I have a pretty strong awareness of my body. I had one session with Delia in person before the COVID-19 Pandemic happened. I would say that I entered into this Long-Distance Healing experience with a fair bit of skepticism, though I was open to being wrong. I was very pleasantly surprised to realize how wrong I was.

I cannot say I understood everything that happened during our session. But I did have visceral experiences of being touched, of warmth, support, gentle adjustments, a sense of electricity flowing through me and, as the session moved on, as if there were actual hands working my body. More importantly, I could feel my mind and body responding more readily than an in-person session since, in Long-Distance Healing, I am called to be a more active participant in the process rather than passively receiving, as I would during an in-person session.

Delia is wonderful at guiding when it’s necessary, and intuitively sensing when you need space with your body. Even when she’s not speaking, there is a clear sense that she’s still nearby supporting you energetically. In one session, I was able to make some connections and discoveries that I have been working to find for the last two years. Unexpectedly, I was also able to form realizations about nutrition, such as needing more water and potassium. The greatest part of this is that, rather than being a simple healing session, it’s also a process that can be replicated to some extent on my own, since what Delia is doing is facilitating a communication with oneself.

The LDH was a lovely session and, as someone with a generally skeptical mind, it was certainly an eye-opening, fascinating and much welcome experience.