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Allopathic or “traditional” medicine proposes differential diagnoses and cures. It mostly treats diseases by inducing the opposite effect of the symptoms. Stop fever when you have fever, change the levels of anything abnormal and finally remove the part when this method is not effective.

Andrew Taylor Still, the father of osteopathy, sees the body as a holistic unit. CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation treat by reestablishing communication within the body to support the natural self-healing process.

Both approaches have proven their validity with their results and extensive scientific research. Both should have their place in our life. When an emergency arises, when the pain has become unbearable, allopathic medication can be a blessing.

But, is there something we can easily do to support our health while we are not in crisis?


A man is but the product of his thoughts.

What he thinks, he becomes.

Mahatma Gandhi


Quantum physics has demonstrated that the core of our universe is not matter but consists of energy, vibration and potential.  Only when it slows down does it solidify into particles forming matter.

What creates this shift? Put simply, it is the observer, attention or Consciousness that creates it.

This means that, with regards to our body, where we focus our attention does influence the outcome. Researchers like Bruce Lipton or Candace Pert have demonstrated how our thoughts and beliefs impact cellular function and the health of our bodies.


The universe is change: our life is what our thoughts make it.

Marc Aurelius


Ask yourself: Where do I focus my attention? What message do I send to my body? Is it one of trust and support or is it one of doubt and fear? Do I hang on to a bleak diagnosis that gives me no choice other than becoming less healthy and suffering decay? Or do I choose to focus on the ever present regeneration and expansion of Life, which includes my body?


I realize that what I am proposing here may be controversial. Most of us are used to trusting allopathic medicine and its diagnosis more than ourselves. Personally, improving my health gave me no other choice than creating my own individual path to wellness. From experience, I know just how highly personal and intimidating this path can be. I look forward to your comments on this subject, and discussing individually with you what it means to include the best of both worlds in your life.



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