Delia was referred to me by a friend who knew that hip replacement surgery had been recommended for me 5 months earlier. I was considering alternatives until I was sure that the operation was right for me. Delia worked with me in the 7 months prior to the surgery as I prepared for it and postoperatively. My recovery proceeded very well, and her skilled support was a major factor. I continue to seek her care for my overall health.

She is a versatile and extraordinarily healer who has been able to alleviate pain and symptoms new to me. Her work has helped me to be more attentive to my somatic-emotional experiences, which has greatly contributed to my sense of wellbeing as well as providing specific insights into my bodymind. Her thoughtful questions as she worked with me have regularly provoked deeper consideration and realizations that have carried over between sessions.

Friends whom I have referred to her have also found her to be gifted in supporting their efforts to feel better and to understand their bodyminds in valuable new ways.