I am an artist born in NYC. I visited Delia for CranioSacral Therapy three times in search of emotional healing, which I believe to be the groundwork for optimal physical health. I was recommended by two different artist friends who had each visited Delia and experienced intense and satisfying emotional release. 

On my own visits, I felt very peaceful in the comfort of Delia’s office. The energy is safe and pure. Delia herself offers a calming, grounded, non-judgmental presence. She gave me a listening, wise ear and I felt I could be completely honest and open. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, Delia clarified that it will just be a very light touch.

I disrobed privately then Delia returned, viewed my body while I was standing up to check alignment, then I laid on the table. I am a very open person myself who tends to absorb a lot of energies. My left side of my body is my “wonky” side, and I often thought this was because of a misalignment in my hip. I was amazed, however, when Delia moved her hands over my heart, how much emotion (in the form of tears) was released, and to learn that a lot of my tightness was actually around that area. I coughed also during the session, and was trying to hold it in to “not to be rude” but Delia assured me that it was OK, and that the coughs are also a form of release. I also cried a lot during the energy work surrounding my pelvis. I recently became realigned in this area through practicing dance and developing a greater self-awareness. After the session I felt very relieved and “cleaned”. My two following sessions were equally relaxing and cleansing, leaving me fulfilled, rejuvenated and cleared.

I made some big life changes after the sessions, including moving out of New York (where I was unhappy with both my living and work situations). I feel very happy in my new home, and my life falls into place in a way that seems serendipitous. I believe this is what energy work assists with, and Delia’s practice and energy resonates with me. When I do return to New York for a visit, I plan to see Delia again. I also enjoy reading Delia’s blog entries no matter where I may be. Overall I think Delia’s penthouse practice successfully offers holistic healing with a medical basis, in a non-pretentious, non-hokey, professional setting located in downtown Manhattan yet calmly removed from the bustle outside with a wonderfully quiet and cozy atmosphere.

With gratitude & appreciation,