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A diagnosis and labeling of symptoms are reassuring when we are in pain and need answers. I personally experienced this in 1998. After enduring excruciating pain to the point of being regularly bed ridden for six years, I was finally diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. At first, I was relieved to have an “official” name for this pain. However, getting to full remission from this autoimmune illness, while staying medication and pain free in the years since, did not come with a “diagnostic mind set”. Quite the opposite, in fact.

A diagnosis by a doctor is comforting. It makes it easier for the mind to understand what is happening. It is as if the doctor was telling you: “Miss Smith you are a 10”. We are logically minded beings and we love order and labeling.

10 is a very simple and clear bit of information, but the question remains. What does this “10” represent? 10 could be the result of 5×2 or 12-2 or 3+2+5, etc. However, the complexity of what it takes to return to balance is rarely encompassed by a one word diagnosis.

When you arrive at my office, I receive a person with a unique path and evolution. Beyond the diagnosis and the pathology, I ask myself what is your singular story? What are the components which have led the body from one compensation to another and ultimately to this difficult place? Which elements are creating the pain or dysfunction at the present time? Each person is special. Acknowledging the health, the life force and the resiliency of the person, I provide the help that this unique individual is seeking.

Some sessions lead to full healing immediately. When the situation is very severe, a session at the very least increases the comfort level of the client. More sessions are needed in such cases. Regardless, the sessions always give you tools to be empowered and active in your healing journey in which Manual Therapy might be only one of the relevant aspects. Each path to wellness is unique.





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