Long-Distance Healing (LDH) is an integrative physical therapy modality conducted wherever you may be. During a session with Delia, the physical body unveils which type of support it needs the most: fascia release, enhanced motility, endocrine re-balancing or emotional support, for example. The healing happens at many levels, leading to a healthier and more integrated life.


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What happens during a Long-Distance Healing session?

The body is hardwired to heal itself naturally in order to maintain homeostasis or, simply put, to maintain balance. However, sometimes there are occasions for which the body requires outside help. This happens, for instance, when the nervous system is stuck in sympathetic mode (fight or flight) and is unable to shift back to parasympathetic mode (rest and digest, the mode in which healing can happen). Or it can happen if there is a restriction in or around an organ or an unresolved emotion lingers, to name only a few.

These kinds of issues are like a big block on the road to healing. In order to continue functioning while dealing with this block, the body creates all sorts of compensations and may neglect to attend to important maintenance tasks. Life goes on, but as time passes, you are less and less comfortable and the body begins to break down. Therefore, it becomes essential to address this major road block as soon as possible.

During a Long-Distance Healing session, Delia helps you to be present so that you can listen to and establish a dialog with your body. This way, you can wake up the natural power of the body to heal itself. Tailored to your true essence, this path is the most fitting, comfortable, efficient and long lasting. When the main issue, or block, has been resolved, the body is able to redirect its attention and energy toward all the relatively minor remaining issues and solve them on its own or with minimal outside help. From that point on, a body which once felt achy and sluggish becomes energized and vibrant in record time.

After an initial intake on your current situation, Delia guides you through a brief meditation. This calming moment has many purposes. It helps you by being present in the moment, grounding, reconnecting to your body and your felt senses (the internal awareness encompassing emotion, intuitiveness and embodiment) to achieve a deeper understanding of the issue, rather than simply thinking or believing that there is “something wrong” with your body. During this time, the nervous system has a chance to shift back to the parasympathetic mode. Finally, this portion of the session allows you to experience how to connect to energetical resources that are always available to you, but often forgotten.

After the short meditation, you are more grounded and open to the inner wisdom your body has been patiently waiting to share. Your physical body guides the session and shows where and what is the most pressing matter to address.

Is there a physical issue? The long-distance version of Manual Therapies that Delia practices releases pain, calms the nervous system and re-balances the immune and endocrine systems and restores flow in the digestive system. From the structural to the cellular level, all physical pain may be addressed this way without having to leave the comfort of your home.


  • The poly-vagal theory describes how, in cases of accidents and other traumas, it is common to see the physical body freeze to protect itself. Unfortunately, it is almost as common for the nervous system to remain frozen even after the danger has passed, creating all sorts of dysfunction and inappropriate responses to present situations. Once the emotional and cellular fears are released, long-term pains subside and functions return.


  • Using LDH, dialog at the cellular level has proven particularly effective in chronic situations. Is the body functioning on outdated information? Is information transmitting efficiently between systems and cells or is there confusion? Has an old process not been updated? What is preventing the body to tend to a situation? For example, a body exposed to a particular food at the same time as a harmful chemical or a difficult emotion might have experienced an adverse reaction for years when facing that food. Dialog at the cellular level can reveal this misconception and bring the necessary clarity for the body to choose new, healthier behaviors.


  • Is there an emotional component? Trauma? An inner-child wound? A trans-generational memory?


  • Is there an unsupportive mental pattern or limiting belief? Are there contradictory needs and desires, or a tendency to be a perfectionist, all which have an adverse impact on the nervous and immune systems?


  • Is there a resistance to healing? An old unuseful habit or a fear of changing a pattern which – while not being perfectly healthy – has kept the person alive so far?


The Long-Distance Healing session is a healing space. Transformations occur and many clients experience great comfort by the end of the first session. You may be impressed by the powerful wisdom held in your body. Whatever the answers are, your body holds the entire blueprint of what is needed to bring you back to comfort and vitality.

The Long-Distance Healing session also empowers you to:


  • Learn how to reduce your stress level through embodiment processes that bring you back to the present moment and your natural resilience rather than lingering in the future of doubts and worries


  • Develop your skills to create a deeper dialog and include all the parts of yourself to support your natural healing process


  • Recover your sense of creativity and agency


The Long-Distance Healing session is a chance to practice new skills. Would you prefer to be read a story or have the power to read one? Empowered with the possibility to open profound dialogs with all aspects of yourself, you now have the tools to take action and create the changes you want to see in your health and life.


Your body is the fanciest gadget you will ever have the privilege to play with.

Whether you have already tried a lot of approaches or only recently decided to treat yourself with the respect you deserve, finding your personal path to health can be challenging. This may be due to a lack of understanding of what is meant by the word “body”. Living beings have more than one body. Overall health and wellness are born from interconnected and equanimous “bodies”. The physical body is what we can see and touch. The emotional body might be fuzzier, but nobody ever confuses the elation of newly reciprocated love with the sadness of loss. The energy bodies which can be recorded by Kirlian photography and clairvoyancy have the ability to “see”. Furthermore, high-level athletes and performers are expected to master their mindset, social environment, belief system, presence or absence of spiritual life to positively impact their performance. Sadly, lay people are often not educated in these fields, but their bodies and health are impacted just the same. The possibility of healing is fully contained in the ability to discern what is your personal architecture and story.

Let’s use a visual analogy: You are in charge of the maintenance of a building. One morning, you discover water damage in an apartment on the first floor. Would you choose to dry, lay a fresh coat of paint and re-carpet it immediately or investigate further until finding the origin of the issue, which may actually be a leak on the 7th floor?

Similarly, when the body presents symptoms and there is no quick fix available, it’s worth investigating and solving the underlying cause of the issue rather than only fix appearances and hide the symptoms for a few hours.

Delia holds the space for the most important paradigm shift you will ever choose about your health.

In other medical or healing systems, you might meet a specialist to whom you are supposed to listen and surrender your agency. However, health and wellness are more than just stats and how most people have reacted to a particular protocol. You are the one spending the most time with yourself and the most invested in everything running smoothly. Therefore, you have a unique vantage point that needs to be embraced. Delia is a consultant with your bodies. With her knowledge and experience, she is present by your side to empower you to become intimately knowledgeable about yourself, health and life. When you engage in your health at this level, it becomes up close and personal. A certain level of mastery will be achieved that simply does not develop when the client is passively in the back seat of their own recovery.


How patients respond emotionally and what they do makes all the difference, in my mind…. I’m talking about taking control of their life. They become exceptional… people who reach inside, and really take control, I can’t measure that. I’m a scientist. You can’t measure the human spirit.”  Lee Nadler MD, Dean for Clinical and Translational Research and Director of Harvard Catalyst at Harvard Medical School.


While the pain or dysfunction may have become chronic, it does not mean that your treatment and healing journey are as well. All it takes is the willingness to show up and be present. Bodies are wired, and eager, to heal. However, they rarely receive true, deep attention. When they do, reorganization starts immediately. Emotions are released, fascia lengthen, blood, lymph and energy flow are enhanced and organs become more efficient. Systems (nervous, immune, endocrine, etc…) reconfigure and improve communication among themselves. Thankfully, the healing process can be surprisingly fast.



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